Sunday, 13 January 2013

Three Becomes Five

A couple of months ago, my Mum came to stay with us, expanding our little family unit to four for a few weeks.

This month it is the turn of my in-laws and on Tuesday three will become five. 

Monkey is already getting excited about the imminent arrival of his grandparents, although whether it is more about seeing them or the thought of the presents which might be in their suitcases I'm not sure.

It is always a big change having family to stay, especially for us as it only happens once or twice a year, but the benefits for Monkey of getting to spend quality time with his grandparents, and for us getting a bit of a break are definitely worth it. 

During Granny's visit, Hubby and I barely got a look in for Monkey's affections so intent was he on making the most of his time with another relative. That time we were caught a bit on the hop and probably didn't make as much of our spare time as we should have done.

We won't be making that mistake this time round. This time we have made a list and there is plenty to occupy us. Top of that list is a date at the movies. With no family nearby and a shortage of baby sitters, we don't often get out as a couple, particularly for something time-consuming like sitting through a movie. So, while we can we are planning on heading out and seeing the new Tom Cruise film, Jack Reacher. I'm intrigued to see it as I've read all the Reacher books and like many people, Tom Cruise wouldn't have been my first choice actor for the role. Still, I'm going with an open mind and hopefully there will be enough car chases or fight scenes in it to keep Hubby occupied.

I'm also planning a trip to see Les Miserables with my mother-in-law which I'm really looking forward to. I've seen the stage version but have read great reviews about this film version so I hope it lives up to expectations. 

We are also planning some gardening, chores around the house, shopping and maybe even a couple of lie-ins.

If I'm clever I'll even spend some time getting ahead with my blog - but don't count on it!

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