Tuesday, 16 October 2012

My Favourite Time of Day

Monkey's bedtime is my favourite time of day. Not because it means he is going to bed and I get some peace and quiet - although on some days that is actually the reason - but because it reminds me of what a little family unit we are.

As Monkey gets older he gets more affectionate and actively seeks out hugs and kisses now rather than having to be forced into them as he did when he was a bit younger. One of his latest twists on this is the ``family hug`` which is a great way of getting us all together.

Our bedtime routine is pretty normal. We do books, milk, teeth cleaning and toilet visiting and then we do our hugs. Monkey likes to do hugs with both me and his Daddy separately and then he yells family hug and we all go and sit on his bed and do a big hug.

It is just us and it reminds me how close we are and that despite the fact there are only three of us we can form a family and be a unit together.

Do you have any routines that make your family feel special?