Monday, 17 December 2012

Five Things I Love About My Son

Often when I sit down to write this blog (my new year’s resolution by the way is to post more often), the ideas that spring to mind are funny, but after the recent events in America, I thought something softer would be more appropriate.

I am lucky to be far away from what has happened, lucky not to have had to explain to my son why someone would hurt children in that way, but as a mother it is impossible not to feel saddened for the loss of such young lives no matter how many miles away you are.

Time differences meant the drama was unfolding as I read the news on the internet in bed during my weekend lie-in. When I got up the first thing I did was give Monkey a big hug. He did the usual squirming to get away that he always does when hugs are not his idea, but this particular morning I held onto him a little bit tighter.

He infuriates me at times, maddens me at others, but 98% of the time he fills me with joy and I can’t imagine ever being without him. And so, today I celebrate five things I love about Monkey.

1.  He has the most infectious grin and chuckle when he finds something funny. It is a real belly laugh and I defy anyone not to start laughing along with him.

2.  He has the greatest imagination. Like last week when he made up a new game. It goes something like this – “Which one flies? An aeroplane, a fire engine, a sofa, or a cat?”

3.  Every time he leaves the house to go somewhere without me or I leave to go somewhere without him he gives me the biggest squishiest hug he can, plants a kiss on my face and says Love you Mummy.

4.  He finds it amusing when he burps. As a mother, I probably shouldn’t love this and I try not to encourage it in public, but in private, I find it funny that burping makes him giggle.

5.  He is a caring polite little boy. He is always willing to share, despite the fact that only children are meant to be rubbish at sharing, he notices if other children are upset and makes sure they are okay and he uses please and thank you without being prompted.

There are many more things I love about Monkey, although on days when he has been trying my patience I sometimes forget them. At times like this we should all remind ourselves why we love our kids and remember that although they make us mad sometimes, our lives would be much poorer without them in it.